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Download Feature: richly formatted report, and unformatted raw data

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

One feature that has been more frequently requested by our customers is the ability to download ICP test results from the Reef Labs user portal. Since we launched the website, we have received a variety of different requests covering a wide range of use cases. The variations in these requests are why we haven’t introduced this feature until now. We always try to understand how you, our customers, are using the data we provide in test results and how you interact with the user portal so we can provide a service that is pleasant to use and yields practical results. After speaking with many of you, and gathering much valuable feedback, we felt we understood the need well enough to design and deliver a results download feature that would meet your needs while not compromising the depth of data that we provide in our test results.

We are pleased to announce that the download feature is now available for use on the test results portal!

The downloaded reports are provided in Microsoft Excel format so that we can preserve much of the formatting that enhances the utility of the reports while not losing the flexibility for you to accommodate a wide range of other uses for the data. In addition to the richly formatted report, we also provide a sheet with the unformatted raw data in the same Excel workbook download. If you’re interested in importing your raw data into a different Excel workbook, or even another software application, the raw data sheet provides a convenient path to export the raw data in a format easily consumable by most software applications.

And if you want to download all the results for a particular aquarium, you’re in luck. From the ’Sample Sources’ tab in the user portal, you can download all the results for any of your sample sources into one Excel spreadsheet where each test is presented in its own sheet ordered by the date of analysis. Likewise, the raw data sheet provides all the raw data for each test result in one place where you can further manipulate it in Excel, graph it using Excel features, or export it for use in the application of your choice.

We hope you enjoy this new capability. As always, we would love to receive your feedback and hear how you are using this new capability.

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